About Research Unit 8

Ever since its foundation RACTI has expressed a strong interest in R&D areas as, Signal Processing Algorithms, Multimedia Signal Processing, Digital Communications, Sensor Networks, SP Applications etc. Thus, over the years, a group of researchers focused on the above areas was formed. This group has been active for more than ten years and has undertaken (or participated in) several R&D as well as training and mobility projects, in the frame of Hellenic, EC and bilateral programmes. This group was the founding core of the Signal Processing and Communications (SPC) Research Unit (RU-8) which has been an official Unit of RACTI since April 2008. More specifically the RU-8 has been active in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Development and Theoretical Study of Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Efficient Techniques for System Identification
  • Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Signal Processing for Communications (Channel Estimation, Synchronization etc)
  • Digital Communications (wireless networks, space-time communications, cognitive radio etc)
  • Array Signal Processing
  • Sensor Networks (Localization, Transmission of Information etc)
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Implementation Issues of Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Modern Design of FIR Digital Filters
  • Medical Signal & Image Processing
  • Speech Processing
  • Other Applications of Signal Processing

The members of RU-8 have a constant presence in the international scientific community through publications in prestigious scientific and technical journals, presentations of technical papers in international conferences and workshops, participation in Hellenic, European and other international evaluation boards, participation in editorial boards of high impact journals as well as in the program and organizing committees of several scientific events. Also they have coordinated and/or actively participated in a good number of R & D projects in the frames of Hellenic, EC, and bilateral programmes.

Professor Kostas Berberidis is the Scientific Director of RU-8 and Professor Sergios Theodoridis is Scientific Consultant. The RU-8 comprises also seven Senior Researchers (four of them are faculty members), eight Researchers and Engineers (six of them are Ph.D. candidates), as well as other external collaborators.