Scholarship Position : Marie Curie ESR Fellow for the SMARTEN ITN project (WorkPackage 2)

Marie Curie ESR Fellow for the SMARTEN (Smart Management for the Human Environment) ITN project (WorkPackage 2) The main aim of SmartEN ITN project is to create a translational training network, aiming at implementing a multidisciplinary research and training programme in the field of smart management for sustainable human environment. The training programme will focus its activities on research and training in the disciplines of Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor Signal Processing, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Smart Proactive Management.

About Research Unit 8

Ever since its foundation RACTI has expressed a strong interest in R&D areas as, Signal Processing Algorithms, Multimedia Signal Processing, Digital Communications, Sensor Networks, SP Applications etc. Thus, over the years, a group of researchers focused on the above areas was formed. This group has been active for more than ten years and has undertaken (or participated in) several R&D as well as training and mobility projects, in the frame of Hellenic, EC and bilateral programmes.

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